Solar World( Germany-Singapore)

solar challenge 2009



Last Weekly Report.

This is my final Week in Germany,I feel really bad that I have to say farewell ti my friends.
but in another way, I also quite excited that I could go back Singapore.
Every body around me become a bit "emo".
Because we may never meet again in our life.
"The party is over, time to say farewell."
Jeeva and I took picture with Mr. Moh who helped us about the camera project.

 we took pictures with the professor and the solar car team committee .
This pic was taken with the Professor who in charge of all the international exchange students.
 My friend Amir sent us off```.
My Chinese Friends

My teammate Andrej
As I say farewell to all of my friends there.
I really feel bad````
I will miss them for sure```


21st Week (25th Jan-31st Jan 2010)

This is the last week for me to stay in Bochum Germany,  everything around me become so valuable.
I think I will miss this place. because it brought me lots of happiness indeed.
on monday.
it was snowing. as i look though my window, the all i could see is white, pure white.
very beautiful.

on tuesday, I was a bit upset. because i went to say good bye to my friend from France, they were going back too. it's so called farewell. so everybody was a bit sad.
I feel quite happy that I could have those friends there.
on wednesday, I was together with Jeeva. after we had the lunch in the canteen, we went to those some hills just out of the canteen.
it's really very beautiful.

I think it might be the last time for me to play with the snow, because I know that it's almost impossible to play with it in Singapore.
this picture was captured in the Image Processing Lab. finally we got the image.

and the rest of the week, I was busy in writing my final report and went to Paris together with my friend Amir.

it was the second time for me to go to Paris, I really love that amazing City!!!! it's super!

we tool a lot of pictures as usual.

even I see the picture now. I still have a strong feeling that, Paris looks so fake. it looks like photoshop.

I was in on of the TOYOTA outlet. even the Japanese cars are not so popular in Europe, but they are still trying.

I like this picture, it's funny. we jumped very high!

I was feeding the birds in the louver museum.

in the Egypt part of Louver Museum.

even in Winter, the Vassal is still so beautiful!!

as I saw that, I can't stop laughing!!
it was so cute!!

this picture was so nature!
I love it.

it's almost my 21st week.
Thanks for reading.


Week 20 (18th-24th Jan 2010)

For this week, I was studying something about the new camera system.
On monday, Jeeva and I went to school as usual to try to setup the system.
But for the first, we went to the solar car room to check if the solar car got any update or something.

this is the internal structure of the Solar car Hans Go!
we could see the driver's seat is quite narrow, and I am sure that it's not comfortable for the people who was sitting inside for driving this car.
We could see that for the all the solar car, the whole car was constructed in Electrical components.
at the same time for this car, the highest speed it can reach is up to 115 km/h.

After the solar car, we switch to our another project.
it's the camera imaging system.

for the first of all, we have to install this components in to the PC, it's a external internet port, just for connecting with the camera.

this is the camera, which was connected with power supply and the internet port. his name is G-cam.

I took a pic with the card before it was plugged in the computer.

it's one of the lens on the table which is used for the camera we setup.

there are many lens for choosing.

please kindly ignore me, just focus on the lens.

In another day, which was Tuesday.

I went to koln alone to buy some gift for my parents and friends.

it was really a nice day, I love the sunshine!

I love the blue sky!!

it was a very cold day, we can see from the pigeon.

wow!!it is the really a nice and expensive machine!!LEICA!!

I believe that the friends in Singapore all know what is it.

it was damn coooool shoes!!but too expensive for me!

yes! this is the train station of koln!!it was really a damn nice city!

On Wednesday,
Jeeva and I went to a steelworks.
with a a group of Korean students too.

it was a damn big factory.

the name of the factory is "ThyssenKrupp"

ThyssenKrupp AG (FWB: TKA, LSE: THK) is a large German industrial conglomerate, with more than 200,000 employees. The corporation consists of 670 companies worldwide. ThyssenKrupp is one of the world's largest steel producers. It operates worldwide in three business areas: steel, capital goods, and services. The steel unit concentrates on carbon steel and stainless steel, while the capital goods unit consists of three segments: elevators, automotive (parts, sub-assemblies, and modules), and technologies (machine tools, large-diameter bearings, cement plants, bulk material handling systems, chemical / refining plants and industrial doors). The services sector provides tailor-made materials, environmental services, mechanical engineering, and scaffolding services. The company is the result of the 2000 merger of Thyssen and Krupp, and is headquartered in Düsseldorf. The largest shareholder is the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation.

this picture is from Wikipedia

we had a small briefing before entered the factory.
but unluckily they spoke either German or Korean.
We hardly can understand anything.

we have to wear the safe helmet during we are in the factory.

It was a first time to see this .
It was really cooool, but hot!
I suddenly got a feeling of the temperature in Singapore.

the steel ran in a high speed.```

it must be!!!damn!!! hot!!!

the steel was cooling down by the cold water during the transmission .
after that, they will scroll those like a toilet paper.
it just for make the heat be well spread.
so that it could be made in a slimmer type.
then we can use them for the cars and some other metal products

this is a GBP(german born Philippines) who is working for the factory.

I feel a bit  weird that I join the Korean people's pic.
the first time feel shy to take pic, they are too warm.

those are the professors and teachers.

with the guys

I went to a party at night```they were damn crazy!

haha``amir was really funny on this pic.

For the rest of the week, I was studying and writing my final report.

on Sat.
I went to Amsterdam again.

This is a male toilet on the street.

I met a artist as I was leaving the city.

but on the way back to Germany, we were checked by the policeman.```because there are some ppl brought some drugs from Amsterdam.
it took me 3 hr extra for the policeman,

Thanks for reading:)